Chances are you’ve heard “zero hoots” through 3pac, the hootless warrior, who coined the term. Though 3pac and I have had many discussions about the art of giving zero hoots, please understand this is my opinion. Essentially, 3pac wants you to interpret it for yourself.

Throughout my life I have given hoots and given zero hoots. The art of giving zero hoots makes me think about the root of the hoot.

In my mind, Zero Hoots doesn’t mean not caring about anyone or anything. Rather, you are comfortable being yourself, aligned with your values, and persistently overcoming obstacles.

As 3pac says, “The hoot is the root of all evil”.

If you want to have a family, help the homeless, be political, protect the environment, raise kids, that’s awesome because that is who you are. if something doesn’t resonate with your Self, zero hoots should be given. Sometimes we have to fight for we do not like, to protect our values and identity. For example, not everyone loves their job, but if your job gives you freedom to explore your passion, then maybe it’s worth caring about.

Giving a hoot takes a lot of energy. Energy is a finite resource. 3pac is able to deflect hoots for what truly matters in his life. The ZHG. Energy needs to be burned and hoots need to be released. Since you only have a finite amount of lifetime energy, you need to be cautious of letting hoots waste your power.

Why do you think people hand out hoots like high fives on a baseball field? It’s probably because they worry about the wrong things. Maybe, they lack something worth caring about. Maybe, you have to care about something meaningful before you can truly give zero hoots.

When we are younger, we are more receptive to these hoots. Since we haven’t quite found what we value, it’s hard to know what to give hoots about. Unimportant hoots can get trapped in the body and be hard to release later in life. Hopefully as we grow, we can continue to learn what is important to us, so we can understand the root of the hoot.

Does zero hoots mean being indifferent? Personally, I do not think so because 3pac is decisive. He gets the bread and the chedda. He doesn’t lay on the couch all day, afraid of the world, worrying about his life, and acting self-pitied. I remember 4 years ago when youtube put a ban on his channel 3pactv. They took down his most popular videos and he lost thousands of views (I’m Swaggin’ & Swag Like Osama). Was 3pac indifferent to the incident, defeated by youtube and decided to stop making music? Of course not. In true hootless fashion, 3pac made a new channel called 3pactvhd and reuploaded his most popular videos. 3pac doesn’t care about adversity in the face of his goals. He does what he thinks is important and noble. The most admirable quality about 3pac is that he can constantly overcome adversity and not give a hoot about it.

At the end of the day, I’m still trying to decipher what it truly means to give zero hoots. A lot of us are. Also, I’m sure my opinion will change on my journey to the last hoot. I want to invite all of the ZHG to let me know what they think it means to be hootless. Together we can rid the world of hoots.

“Don’t give a hoot bout the wack shit son” – 3pac

One Love. Zero Hoots.


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