What’s a Trout?

“No trout, ballin out” – 3pac

The ZHG feels bad for trouts. They did not want to become trouts but societal pressures have forced them to live a life they do not want to live, swimming the wrong way up the stream and not going with the flow.

Don’t get me wrong, the ZHG still loves trouts, it is our responsibility to help them. The ZHG hopes to save the trouts and make sure, one day, they can come out of the stream and enjoy the beautiful nature of life.

Trouts might be negative, they might have a hard time being themselves, and they might have had a hard time with people accepting them for who they are. It’s normally not the trouts fault. They might have grown up around other trouts who taught them how to be a trout.

Please, do not act negative or mean to a trout. You have to understand they are who they are and part of giving zero hoots is accepting people who have a different opinion than your own. The best way to ward off a trout is to educate them on what it means to give zero hoots. If they do not want to hear it, give the trout their space. The goal of the ZHG is harmony for all humans.