When Ryan (3pac) asked me to do the Hustlin music video, he sent me the song and I thought it was great immediately.  I liked the words in it and how it defied haters and showed his strength in all his work plus it had a great beat.  I thought the message was excellent as it exemplified what he stood for and what I still stand for; doing what you want with your life and not letting anyone stop you or get in your way.  He explained to me that he wanted a Heaven and Hell scene so we would be both angels and devils.  He wanted to make it horror themed which I loved since I act in so many horror movies and it has always been my favorite genre.  He also felt it touched on the subject of the illuminati.  This is still my favorite song of his out of all of his great songs.
He mentioned we should dress up as angels in white for the Heaven scenes and then as devils for the Hell scenes.  The only white dress I had was my wedding dress which I had also worn for films and other music videos so that was easy.  I also mentioned I could wear my crown which I had worn for other shoots playing queens as well as I thought that would give me an angelic look.  I put on white eye liner and made my make up look as “heavenly” as I could.  So on the date of the shoot, Ryan and his photographer (Seb) picked me up at home and drove us to a location near a university that had beautiful flowers.  We stopped on the way though at a Starbucks for his photographer to get a drink.  Ryan jokingly mentioned to me that “at least TMZ wasn’t following us yet”.  I told him to be prepared as that would start happening to him soon.  He seemed to like that and really smiled about it.  Then we proceeded to our location.  However, the university was packed with people that day and different events going on.  I saw people checking us out as we walked around the campus probably thinking we were a wedding party since I had on a wedding dress and Ryan was dressed like a groom, and we had a photographer with a big camera walking with us.  Since we couldn’t find a good spot to film without people around, Seb suggested we go to a garden area where there were beautiful flowers to film the Heaven scene.  The spot turned out to be perfect!  Ryan and I loved it!  Ryan mentioned it was “meant to be” for us to film at this other location since it was better than where he had originally planned.  We were able to dance on hills and walk around the flower garden which made for beautiful scenery.  When Ryan had to lie down for the awakening scene, we worried the grass would stain his light colored suit so I put down my black jacket for him to lie on that instead.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to lie down for the scene because of all the grass and dirt but Seb insisted it would be a great shot (and he was right) so he did it.  After we got footage there, as planned, they dropped me off at home so I could change my outfit and make up to look like a devil.  The plan was to drive to his house later to film the Hell scenes.
So after a few hours, I was ready and drove to Ryan’s house to film the devil scenes.  I wore a red velvet dress with devil horns from Halloween outfits.  The whole garage at his house was set up with candles, dry ice and made to look like Hell.  They were so creative to set this up!  His dog was very curious about what we were doing and kept trying to come out in the garage and check everything out.  The dry ice didn’t quite work as it was set up above on a beam in the garage and didn’t seem to give us the smokey look we wanted.  Plus, Ryan being the considerate person he was, was very worried about the dry ice box above us falling on us.  When the dry ice wasn’t producing enough of a smoke screen look, his photographer took it down so it wouldn’t fall on anybody.
Then Ryan handed me a super hot lantern not realizing it was so hot.  I touched it and exclaimed that it was hot!  He then touched it and agreed that it was super hot and had to cool off first.  We laughed about that.  When it cooled off, we did the scenes with the lantern.  Then Ryan suggested we lie down on the floor for another scene inside of the candles.  As soon as I proceeded to lie down, Seb yelled out “Judy, watch your hair!”  My hair had almost hit the candles which would have been a disaster and caused a fire.  We laughed about it though and then we moved the candles out more so I could get into the space without burning my hair.  As we filmed that scene, Seb stepped up on something to film us from above and bumped into something that came crashing down.  Ryan jumped up and exclaimed “Is everybody okay”?  He looked so scared and so worried but we were all alright and nothing had hit any of us.  Then he filmed the scenes with the fish which were so funny.  They had gone to the store earlier and bought some trout for the video.  Although the fish was dead of course, I still had to look the other way and couldn’t watch him cutting the fish.  I don’t eat any kind of seafood as I consider fish pets and just couldn’t watch it.  They laughed at how I had to turn my back and look away from that.  After that we did the rest of our scenes with ease.  We also laughed about how we almost had a few accidents.  I told them that was par for the course when doing a “horror” themed shoot as I had experienced little mishaps before in horror films.  As soon as we were done, we went in the house where Ryan, being anxious to edit the music video, and Seb started immediately editing the video.  I watched some of it and we talked for a long time.  A friend of his also came by and watched as they were editing.  When it got late, I finally went home and we all agreed it had been a great day.  I thoroughly enjoyed filming that music video and will always consider it a special memory that will remain in my mind forever.
Judy Cerda

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