Who We Are

The message Zero Hoots unites a tribe of hootless warriors and empowers them to live life to their fullest potential. This tribe, also called the Zero Hoots Gang (ZHG), supports each other through creative endeavors and teaches people how to not give a hoot about anything or anyone who might stop them.

The ZHG was founded by my brother, Ryan Harryman, aka 3pac, who tragically passed away at the height of his athletic and artistic career playing water polo. Through his comedic music, videos, and wisdom, he helped people overcome the trials and tribulations of life and become more aware of trouts, people who do not think for themselves and give off a lot of hoots. Hootlessism is a blend of Buddhism and Stoicism. It teaches people how to lead a moral life, become mindful of their thoughts/actions, develop wisdom, find self-reliance, control emotions, and let go of what is out of our their control (and to not take everything so damn seriously). 🙂

Though it is tough that 3pac has physically left us, his spirit will carry on, and his mantra will continue to heal people throughout the world. In his honor, we will continue to build the ZHG, a hootless support group that can help people reach a hootless nirvana.

Thank you for exploring the website and learning more about the ZHG. Please subscribe to our youtube, twitter, and instagram. We are looking forward to creating a hoot free future, as we travel together on this journey to the last hoot.

ZHG Artists

Willie J | Artist/Co-Founder

Derrick Mink | Artist

Judy Cerda | Artist

3PAC | Artist & Founder