Who We Are

The Zero Hoots Gang, aka ZHG, is a hootless group of creators who strive to rid the world of all hoots. Together we will continue to preserve the manta, “Zero Hoots”, coined by the legend 3pac. This website will keep the ZHG informed about the progress of the ZHG by showcasing hootless music, videos, and merchandise.

After growing up with 3pac and watching him develop into a successful public icon, we have had the unique opportunity to witness and learn from a legend. He has provided us with a tremendous amount of insight on how to live a “hoot free” lifestyle. Through this website, we will showcase ZHG members who send hootless energy into the universe and together we can keep the legend alive

3pac’s energy gives people the motivation to be themselves and his videos can turn a bad day around in seconds. After his passing, we have received countless messages from fans telling us how 3pac helps them overcome their depression, anxiety, and darkest thoughts. Though it is tough that 3pac has physically left us, his spirit will carry on, and his mantra will continue to heal people throughout the world.

Thank you for exploring the website and learning more about the ZHG. We are looking forward to creating a hoot free future, as we travel on our journey to the last hoot.

Much love,


ZHG Artists

Willie J | Artist/Co-Founder

Derrick Mink | Artist

Judy Cerda | Artist

3PAC | Artist & Founder